PuckyPHP is an open-source, ultra-fast, and minimalistic PHP front controller web applications framework that is released under the FreeBSD License.

Design Goal

The main design goal is to provide an ultra-high performance, easily installed and managed web framework without the normal developer and design restrictions or learning curve often imposed by other frameworks.


PuckyPHP is separated into four main component groups; the Controller, a Framework, the Admin Interface, and optional Packages. The controller provides a very functional Front Controller without getting in the way of the developers programming style or design goals. The Framework is a very minimal framework that currently provides a database layer and authentication, authorization, and accounting. The Admin Interface provides an easy way to configure settings, view cache information, manage uri routing, and upgrade or backup the database. Finally, optional Packages can be installed that have been developed on top of PuckyPHP and may provide a wide range or specific set of features.